Best toddler headrest car seat pillow

The toddler headrest car seat pillow is an important accessory. These are little cushions with ergonomic head and neck support for babies. During their first year, it’s important to prevent infant wobbly head syndromes. The soothing effect that head support accessories minimise infant wobbly head syndrome and at the same time lower the risk of SIDS. Pillows for infant pillows help the formation of tough neck muscles, and skull development.

Benefits of Toddler Headrest Car Seat Pillow

Safety – number one is safety. The head support keeps your child’s head in place as you take them out in their strollers. A lot of baby head supports are tested to ensure they can protect the child’s head properly.

Optimum Head Support – Not only are infant head supports designed to be safe, they are also designed with just the right padding to make sure that the baby’s head is getting the right amount of support it needs.

Comfort – Keeping your child comfortable is very important, especially if you and your family like to travel a lot in your car or if you like to expose your child to fresh air. Some manufacturers design their infant head support to be as breathable as possible, so that the infant using it will be comfortable even with prolonged use.

Versatility – most infant head supports for strollers are designed to fit both car seats and strollers. This lets you use just one pad for your new born and just take it in and out of a car seat or stroller, depending on what you will be using next.

Brands of Toddler Headrest Car Seat Pillow

1. Eddie Bauer Baby 2-in-1 Head Support for Car Seats

Even in the car, care is taken to align the baby properly. The marketplace is filled with several infant head support for car seats. Head support for car seats products have options to detach or have built-in cushions for kids. The accessory gives support to newborns because they are prone to a flat head syndrome. By adding ultra-soft cotton, the headrest becomes more appealing to use. There are many designs of baby car seats, baby gym, strollers, bassinet, and swing with inserts of soft foams.

2. Chicco Reversible 3-in-1 Body Support

This 3-in1 padding will support your babies back and neck. It comes with a protector pad for easy spill clean up. The neck pillow has extra padding which will go around the circumference of your babies head ensuring they do not fall forward move around while on the go.

Thick padding and plush fabric come together to ensure your babies not irritated or uncomfortable while on the go. Use this body support car seat insert during short or long trips.

The Chicco designers understand mothers often switch out their infant car seats so they designed this car seat insert to be universal in size. No matter the brand or the carrier size, this baby carrier cover will go and grow with you throughout your child’s first few months.

3. JJ Cole Reversible Body Support

The infant body support is made from plush polyester on one side, and a soft polyester LYRCA blend on the other. This way, parents can easily flip over the support to match the current weather. Its design is made to not only support the child’s head, but also the body, giving the child the additional support they need.


Newborns are precious and as their parents, you would want to give them the best start. It’s imperative to know how to handle your newborn to reduce any risk of flat head syndrome and SIDS since your little one is fully dependent on you. 

Now armed with better information, shop around to find the most suitable head support for your little one!